Some Benefits And Downsides Of Using CCTV Cameras

When it comes to CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Cameras) monitoring of your lives, two completely opposite thoughts pop up in people’s heads. They can increase your security, but they can also hamper your privacy. The way the world is progressing, it seems the big brother society which George Orwell predicted in the year 1949, is almost here.

Advantages Of Using Security Cameras

There are countless advantages of deploying security cameras. They are thought to be of great use in deterring crime, but it is hard to prove. It sometimes work at a psychological level. For example, customers who enter a shop which has a CCTV is less likely to steal, hospital visitors are less likely to be sore to the staff as they know they are being monitored.

CCTV make lives easier and safer. CCTVs installed on roads can spot accidents, the moment they happen, and consequently help can be sent immediately, this can save lives. Householders and business owners feel safe when they have CCTVs installed in their homes and workplace. As this reduces the chances of crimes such as robbery, murders, theft.

Disadvantages Of Using Security Cameras

According to late Benjamin Franklin, “those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither” and people opposing the idea of security cameras think in tandem with this great mind. They are aware if the advantages of using a CCTV but feel the broader issue of freedom of a person outweighs this public good.

In some instances, security cameras have stirred up various controversies. In professional setups, employees feel suffocated by being under constant surveillance, that too without their permission, this is a clear case of invasion of privacy. The employees often feel, the employer doesn’t trust them or will do some wrong.

They also give a false sense of security. Cameras enable users to record footage which is to be used for later viewing. This can help to nab the criminals but cannot stop the crime when it happens. They do not alert the police like an alarm system would.


Technology is a double-edged sword, before coming to a conclusion, you should be aware of both the pros and cons of using security cameras and then make an informed decision about them.

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