What Can Be The Role Of Security Cameras In Protection, Public And Privacy?

With the advancement in technology you must have come across huge quantities of surveillance cameras covering almost every space you enter in. These days every home, mall, shop and even a kiosk installs CCTV cameras. They give a sense of security to people; hence their popularity is increasing.

CCTV: Public Spaces

When a person finds a security camera in public spaces like a bank, or a shop, they feel, you value them, and their security is a concern for you and you have a record of every second they spent in that space.

CCTV: Privacy Concerns

A lot of academicians, civil liberty campaign groups, consultants have published many articles and research papers about security cameras. The challengers of security cameras feel people’s privacy is at risk with being constantly under surveillance and it impacts their civil liberties in a negative way. They also state, CCTVs instead of reducing crime displaces it.

Proponents of security cameras feel they are effective in deterring the crime and feel legal restrictions and appropriate regulation on public spaces surveillance can indeed provide proper protection and the individual’s right to privacy can outweigh the benefits of surveillance. Though, anti-surveillance enthusiasts have still maintained the idea of right of privacy in public spaces.

Some people feel more comfortable with the idea of having security cameras in public areas such as schools, bars, airports and other such places whereas few people and privacy advocates feel jittery when it comes to the idea of someone keeping a constant watch on their actions while they are out in public.

CCTV: Protection

With the crime rate going into an upward spiral if both man and woman are working, then keeping a watch at home can be difficult. You can enlist a worker to keep an eye on your house from the potential predators and you can also continuously screen her.

CCTV cameras can act as the eyes behind your head. They can keep a check on everyone even if you aren’t present. As the populace rate is furthermore extending, it is getting difficult to screen everything. In this pursuit security cameras can help.

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